Cargo freight


Cargo freight

     Do you need to transport a whole set or a piece of furniture? Need to bring construction materials? Have to move to a different flat, office or summerhouse? Or maybe there will be a series of deliveries all over the city or the Republic? If you contact us, you can count on high-quality and fast service in cargo transportation provided by well-coordinated work, high qualification and experience of our employees.

     JV KORIS-GUARD Ltd. (trade mark ‘SPAS’) in the round-the-clock mode assists in cargo freight to individuals and legal entities in the city of Minsk and throughout the territory of the Republic of Belarus. Polite operators will ask in detail about the transported cargo, find the car of necessary carrying capacity, give you a price range and answer any question you are interested in.

     Cargo freight with our company on the territory of the Republic of Belarus this is:

  • individual approach to each client;
  • cash or cashless settlement;
  • urgent and safe delivery of your goods by professional drivers;
  • prompt arrival of transport to the place of loading;
  • large number of available cars;
  • free telephone consultations around the clock;
  • possibility of advance booking;
  • constant vehicle tracking via cellular network;
  • cargo freight up to 2 tons on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

     Please call us:

     +375 29 676 60 01 (Velcom)

     +375 29 776 60 01 (MTS)

     +375 17 299 99 67 (landline)

     +375 17 299 99 68 (landline)


Do not wonder whether our company can fulfill your order or not - just ask us about it, and we will make every effort to find a solution to your problem!