We and Children


We and Children

Give joy to children


Who are children with disabilities? How often we think about it?

At present, the issue of social rehabilitation of children with disabilities is considered widely. For this purpose, special boarding houses are established where children (at the age of six and much older), who suffer from different development problems, stay. Among the problems faced by the disabled children are the restrictions on communication with nature, access to cultural values and sometimes even access to minimum education.

Children who stay in such establishments need special assistance, as almost all of them suffer from congenital incurable pathological diseases.

Such children do not need much, only your attention and care. For that very reason, since 2012, we have taken the State Institution “Boarding House for Children with Disabilities and Special Need” under our patronage. The children who stay there are special, unique, and they need special treatment. At present, as many as 180 children are residing at this Boarding School. 5 departments have been created taking account of children’s age and diagnosis, 2 of them are created for children with apparent disorders of locomotor activity stay. It should be noted that these children take part in different sports events, take premier places in spite of their physical challenges. The inmates also take active part in amateur talent contests, folks arts exhibitions, etc. (in our photo-reports you can see the beaded trimmings, cross-stitch embroideries, decoupage, and many other works done by the children themselves). There is a small church under the aegis of the Boarding School. The inmates spend much time there, sing songs. The church, though small, is light and comfortable. The Boarding School’s hall is the place where children's matinees and concerts are arranged and birthdays are celebrated monthly. Thus the more attention children have, the more comfortable they feel in the society.

We do our best to give our cordiality and care to children, render both financial assistance and moral support. Every person has right for deserved life, he only must not give up and believe in success. As the saying goes, all is in our hands, even we ourselves. So let be involved and will together help children who need us so much.

Please remember! When you use Taxi STOLICA-135 and Prestige, and also SPAS technical assistance, you participate in the “Give Joy to Children” campaign with us.

The Boarding School inmates wait for you at the address: Minsk, or 16, Vygotskogo Street, Novinki settlement.

If you wish to render pecuniary aid to the Boarding School, you may transfer money using the following bank details:

Settlement account 3632000001103

Branch 510 SB Belarusbank JSC, code 603

18, Kuibyshev Street, Minsk

UNP 600302128, OKPO 37365512

If you wish to give any things for the children (except for soft toys), you can give them to taxi drivers of Stolica-135 or Prestige or dial the following cell telephone numbers on business days from 9:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m.:

•+375 29126-27-56

•375 29 277-39-40

All out photo reports from any arranged fests, excursions, exhibitions, Boarding School visits are presented without close-up pictures of children’s faces in order not to be tactless towards the children and their parents. But in such photo reports you will see the prizes, wonderful handmade articles, other children’s hobbies and works.